Jakub Piątkowski Czekolada

Who are we?

Driven by our passion to solve the secrets of the everyday world, we decided to solve the mystery of chocolate ????. We were gathering equipment, accumulating experience, learning step by step how to make good chocolate and we got there. Today we know. We are chocolate makers, our bars taste great and win prestigious awards.

Tak powstaje najlepsza czekolada w Polsce
Zamieniamy ziarna w tabliczki (ang. Bean to Bar)


Judging by the ingredients of common confectionery bars, one could think chocolate is a product of particular technological complexity. It is not necessarily true. The shorter the path from nature to the consumer, the more satisfactory the end result. The best bread is home-baked, the best juice is freshly squeezed, and the best chocolate is made bean to bar.


In the very first year of our activity, three of our bars were awarded in the world’s most prestigious chocolate competition, Academy of Chocolate Awards. We were the first Polish manufacturer to win the Academy’s gold medal and join the ranks of the world’s best chocolate makers.

Mielenie kakao


It is a pleasure to take care of the whole chocolate making process. To observe minute by minute how the final product is coming into being. There is no rush, after all this is a manufacture, everything is made by hand.