We make chocolate bean to bar. This means we are in charge of the entire chocolate making process: from ordering the most suitable cocoa beans, through roasting, grinding, tempering, to the final forming and wrapping of our chocolate bars. This is where we stand out from most other manufactures, which do not make chocolate but rather change the shape of ready-made mass product delivered by bigger companies.


Making chocolate in small batches gives us an exceptional opportunity to taste different varieties of cocoa beans from farmers from all around the world. Thanks to this, we can select those beans that we consider best and transform them into unique chocolate bars.

There are many factors that influence the type and intensity of cocoa bean aromas and the chocolate flavour. Three most important ones are:
— climate during the growth period
— vegetation near the cocoa plantation (similar to coffee beans, cocoa beans easily absorb surrounding aromas)
— length of fermentation
This can make our subsequent chocolate batches slightly different from each other.

Perhaps it is not the ingredients but bad luck in cooking?

Buying a lot of different products that will always taste the same is not a problem for anyone.

And since we can buy them, we can produce them.

Unless it is not a matter of luck?

You can see for yourself when checking the ingredients.
This, however, is an entirely different story.
One that is often being told at the dark side of the moon that we don’t dare to explore. We only look there from time to time to ensure we are following the right path.

Worek jutowy z kakao. Plantacja organiczna.